A growing range of support skills are now available to train ourselves in better handling our stressful thoughts and inner stories, and the feelings and behaviours they generate (like cognitive approaches), and in self-soothing approaches that allow us to step back from the grip of these thoughts and feelings (like meditation, prayer, mindfulness, and compassion approaches).    On the course we use a number of ‘model’ ways to introduce  some of these approches. There are many other, and in time you may find other approaches that suite you better - but we think these are excellent foundation trainings.

Heartmath - gives an introduction to meditation, and we use it also to introduce mindfulness.

The Work - is used to introduce a way of challenging any thoughts that may be causing distress.

MBCT is available as an option to deepen both these approaches.

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WEL 4 - Finding Peace -

Thoughts & Feelings

Suzanne Martin

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