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TheWEL Programme

Wellness Enhancement Learning

There are sections on making change in our self care and respect for our life and wellbeing, plus practical ways to change the relationship to our thoughts and feelings that help reduce stress and suffering in our inner life and enhance our wellbeing, equanimity and joy. It considers a similar mindful way of caring for our body, and includes a radical review of what we choose to eat, how we relax, relaxation and approaches to meditation, Most of all it explores what it takes to be able to apply such changes in a sustained way in our daily life.

TheWEL has been in continuous review and development since 2004:

2004 - The GeneralWEL programme  for anyone wanting to support their wellbeing and health

2010 - The StaffWEL for professional health care workers - for their own welfare and to spread practices to their clients and patients.

2017  - The GuidedWEL uses trained facilitators to spread the course into wider communities and organisations

2018 - The PersonalWEL is an occasional intensive course taught live by David Reilly

2019 - The WELLeader will be launched

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Welcome to TheWEL !

Many of us would benefit from learning how we might better support our wellbeing and levels of wellness. This is especially true if we are dealing with long term conditions that are impacting on our health. So many of us now are  now having to face the realisation that our current medical “fix-it” solutions are not working well enough, or at all.   TheWEL grew from asking what you can do when faced with such challenges. Its foundations were designed on guidance from patients who had found ways forward. not dependent on medical treatments with drugs and other interventions.  Over years, a field study with people who had experienced healing changes  and recovery was blended with background study and research of areas like the self-healing response, mind-body factors, stand psychoneuroimmunology.   The whole was shaped and tested into the creation of what we called therapeutic encounter and professional education courses followed. 

TheWEL was launched in 2004 as a direct modelling of the lessons learned from this ‘Healing Shift Enquiry’ and the principles of therapeutic encounter. It is not a ‘self-help, self-management course’, it is a method to effect deep change.  The course journey encourages us to learn how to draw on our own inner natural strengths that grow helpful change, wellbeing and any healing and recovery that is possible.  The key is learning to create the conditions that enhance this wellbeing - and in turn the key to that is our own self-care. A connection to the nurture response via compassion is foundational and more central that the carefully selected tool kit methods that are taught on the course.  It is not a ‘technique’ a quick-fix, or a substitute for essential medical care.

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