After The Course - The Journey



There is a real need to repeat the elements of the course - it takes time and deep repeated practice  to lay down the new pathways until they start to become second nature.  Expect storms - on the outside and the inside!  The issue is not so much controlling the weather as becoming a better sailor through experience and practice, learning  error by error.   Consider your version of  the wee Storm Plan card on the side  here.  RIght click on it and download it if you want to print for yourself. It deliberately uses cues from the TheWEL as reminders to help you re-trigger back into your self-care journey.  Many participants have emphasised the importance of returning to the course manual and the DVDs time and again.  You could download the course manual as a PDF from the MAP page.

One area introduced in Part 4 - The Work - benefits from lots  of practice - here’s some more info and links.


In Scotland,  NHS patients can request referral in most health boards to the NHS Centre for Integrative Care  to attend the  Moving Into Balance Course designed by Stephanie Wilson a Senior Physiotherapist that brings further ideas and practices in self-care including  vital elements not tackled on the TheWEL -  such as improving sleep, pacing our physical energies and rhythms, exercise, posture and yoga practices   Stephanie has now made much of this available in her web site, including some downloads - .


A core area underpinning TheWEL is developing a more mindful approach to our lives and our ways of living.  You might like to consider taking this aspect further in your practice and follow this link for more information on the MBCT course in Glasgow and other links.

A word of guidance - as you expand your reading and maybe do other courses, watch for “jumping” from one new practice to another, without taking the dedicated time and repetition and deep practice that embodying new habits needs.

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TheWEL is designed to be a start ,and a re-start  for the stages of your journey of change.  When ready, have a look at the book lists and suggested reading resources in the manual.   If are doing the course, or have done please join the support community on social media.