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May 2016 - TheWEL cited as an inspirational example  by The ALLIANCE in Creating a Culture of Change

Guided into a self-enquiry, people develop a shift to a new awareness of their health and wellbeing that challenges and changes their self-care.

  - 20+ years of  medical field development


- 14 years of evaluation in over 3000 participants


- formal development and evaluation research:

proved that with a WEL approach  people can  achieve remarkable  results -  even transformations - in their wellbeing and physical and emotional health.

TheWEL is a multiple award-winning, evidence-based and research-proven way to enable people to achieve radical, progressive, self-sustaining shifts in their health and wellbeing. Following a new map of health, people learn to move themselves in the opposite direction of today’s epidemics of long-term conditions. This impact is founded on activation of self-sustaining self-care, that in turn taps the well of our innate strengths for healing, health and happiness. This approach is credited as the basis for the creative thought underpinning  ‘the Fifth Wave’ of Public Health - now being invoked to transform our life-style-induced global epidemics. In its wake, participants and staff who have experienced TheWEL spread its insights and practices.

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